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Pastor Evan D. Risher is a visionary and dynamic leader dedicated to empowering individuals and advancing their purpose within both religious and professional spheres. He is the esteemed founder of the Ramp Church Texas-Fort Worth, which also has a branch in Los Angeles.


His influence extends beyond the local community and resonates on a global scale, as evidenced by his roles on the Fort Worth Faith Leaders Council and various other civic and socially conscious positions. Additionally, he serves as an ecclesiastical overseer for the West Coast & Midwest regions within One Way Churches International.


Evan is deeply committed to personal and professional growth, holding a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Theology degree. He is also recognized as a conference host, mentor, entrepreneur, author, and pastor. However, he values nothing more than being known as Lashala’s husband and the father of Contessa, Kaelyn and their soon to come baby boy.


Evan’s paramount goal is to exalt Jesus and extend the influence of God’s Kingdom on earth.

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