is the founder and lead servant of The Ramp Church of Texas and overseer of The Ramp Church of Houston, an associate church plant.  Risher also serves as the National Youth President of One Way Churches International, in which he governs the youth auxiliaries of 12 churches in the southeast and southwest regions of the U.S.

A Fort Worth native, Risher was recruited to play Division I basketball at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Management.  As a sophomore student-athlete, Risher was apprehended by destiny after crossing paths with a peer who happened to be a charismatic young preacher, Elder S.Y. Younger.  He was eventually led to Christ and fell under Younger’s tutelage as a ministerial assistant.  Shortly thereafter, Risher was met with a quandary as his passion for ministry evolved and eclipsed his desire to play basketball.  After being strongly urged to continue his pursuing his education through athletics, Risher did the contrary – radically relinquishing his athletic scholarship to serve in full-time ministry. 

His journey of ministry began as the inaugural Youth Pastor of The Ramp Church where he developed a formidable program to foster the Christian development of children, teens, and young adults.  After proven leadership, he would later be ordained an Elder of One Way Churches International.  Risher’s heart would soon be drawn back to the people of Fort Worth where he aspired to enact change.  After much prayer and fasting, Risher embarked upon a church plant called “The Ramp Church of Texas”, a thriving community-based ministry in Fort Worth where perfect people are not allowed. 

Risher is an innovative, charismatic, and compassionate leader whose transformative testimony is being used to empower and uplift a generation in need of love, faith, and prosperity.  Evans’s greatest inspiration is foremost his daughter, Contessa, and his natural, extended, and spiritual family who observed a young man emerge from darkness into faith in God.