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Christ-Centered Mission: At Ramp Church, everything revolves around the love and teachings of Jesus. This singular focus creates a profound and authentic worship experience that deeply resonates with everyone who walks through the doors.

Passionate Worship: Worship at Ramp Church is not just an act but a fervent expression of love and reverence for God. The dynamic and heartfelt worship services uplift spirits and inspire a deeper connection with Christ.

Strong Community Bonds: Ramp Church prioritizes community, fostering a culture of support, connection, and genuine care. Through small groups, community outreach, and shared activities, members build strong, meaningful relationships.

Active Faith and Generosity: Faith at Ramp Church is a lived experience. The congregation is encouraged to respond to life’s challenges with unwavering trust in God. Generosity is a habit here, with members eagerly sharing their time, resources, and love to support each other and the wider community.

Servant-Hearted Approach: Serving others is seen as a privilege, and this mindset permeates every aspect of church life. The congregation is inspired to serve both within the church and in the broader Fort Worth community, creating a ripple effect of kindness and service.

These elements combine to make Ramp Church a unique and transformative place of worship, where individuals can grow in their faith and find a true sense of belonging.


Start Buiding Lasting Relationship

In the dimmed atmosphere, hearts rise in praise, Powerful worship sets the soul ablaze. Dynamic voices and dancers so bright, Liturgical beauty in soft, glowing light. A strong word proclaimed, faith we profess, In dressy casual, we're blessed and at rest.

Strobe lighting effects will be used during services. Patrons that may suffer from epilepsy & other visual light stimulation effects. Are advised to contact the front of house staff, before entering.

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